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Call for Proposals for I-O Graduate Program Rankings


by Nicholas P. Salter, Joseph A. Allen, Allison S. Gabriel, David Sowinski, and Loren Naidoo

Are you part of an I-O graduate program that is truly excellent, but the typical ranking systems do not necessarily show that?  Would you like to help I-O psychologists (current as well as those who will be entering t field in the future) develop a better understanding of the different strengths of various graduate programs?  We are issuing a Call for Proposals for rankings of I-O graduate programs. This is an excellent opportunity for graduate programs to highlight the ways in which they excel, and for individual SIOP members to help contribute to our field.

In this Call for Proposals, we are seeking proposals for new and unique methodologies for ranking I-O PhD and MA/MS programs that reflect the diversity of values and strengths across the field of I-O. Multiple ranking methodology submissions will be accepted for publication, resulting in multiple rankings featured in an upcoming issue of TIP.  We have developed this call in consultation with the TIP editor in response to a need for more comprehensive and updated information about graduate programs.

Submission Guidelines

We are seeking two-page submissions that describe briefly the proposed ranking methodology.  Specifically, the first page should explain the criteria to be ranked, as well as the rationale for including them and the specific measures used.  This should also include a timeline detailing when each step of the plan will be executed.  The second page of the submission should provide information about who is on the author team as well as their qualifications related to successfully executing the proposal.  Successful proposals will clearly define how they plan to rank I-O programs as well as the overarching aims/goals that such a ranking would achieve. 

Proposals are due to Nicholas Salter at nsalter@ramapo.edu by October 15, 2016.  Authors should expect to hear back acceptance decisions by November 15, 2016, and the final reports are due November 15, 2017.  We note that our goal is to promote open scientific practices in TIP. As such, authors should agree to make their data available to others as requested.

To learn more about the proposal rationale and possible submission methodologies, read the full call in the latest issue of TIP!