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“Best of SIOP” Event a Success


by Stephany Below, SIOP Communications Manager

SIOP Partners With Local Group to Offer Continuing Education

SIOP is proud to announce a successful first event in what will be a series of cosponsored programs to offer continuing education (CE) credit for psychologists at a local level.

SIOP and the Georgia Association for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (GAIOP) have entered into an agreement whereby SIOP will cosponsor continuing education for psychologists, under the auspices of SIOP’s status as an approved sponsor with the American Psychological Association, through educational sessions presented by GAIOP in Atlanta.

SIOP is cosponsoring a total of five programs, to be held throughout 2016. The first event, titled “Best of SIOP 2016,” took place Thursday, May 12 and welcomed 21 registrants, most of whom were seeking CE credit.

During the first event, six presenters summarized highlights from one or two noteworthy SIOP 2016 annual conference presentations, then led a discussion on the sessions’ contributions to teaching and practice.

This “Best of SIOP” format was initiated several years ago by GAIOP’s predecessor, the I/O Study Group, in response to members’ requests for information about SIOP annual conference sessions in years they were unable to attend, explained Nita French, the GAIOP VP for Communication.

“Even for those who attended SIOP, attending this ‘Best of SIOP’ session allowed them to learn about sessions they might not have been able to attend, since there are so many interesting and co-occurring sessions,” French explained. “Participants gave the May 12 session strong marks overall and appreciated the range of topics and the chance to hear from and interact with multiple presenters. They are looking forward to more opportunities to network in future programs.”

GAIOP officers are very pleased that SIOP has agreed to pilot test cosponsorship of the 2016 programs, French noted.

“Having the support and CE expertise of SIOP adds credibility to our programs and helps ensure that every event provides value to participants,” said GAIOP co-VP for Programs, Alison Mallard.

The development of the cosponsorship was led by SIOP’s Continuing Education Chair John Cornwell after a request was initiated by Donna Sylvan, a member of SIOP’s Local I-O Group Relations Committee and president of GAIOP.

“SIOP has long been interested in supporting local and regional I-O organizations and activities,” Cornwell said. “Cosponsoring continuing education sessions makes perfect sense. While the CE committee has discussed cosponsoring in the past, it was the leadership of Donna Sylvan and the desire of GAIOP, along with the great cooperation of Tracy Vanneman on the SIOP staff, which enabled it to actually occur.”

With the success of the GAIOP event, the cosponsorship of CE programs between SIOP and local groups may even expand to other local groups in the future, Cornwell said.

The next program in the series, “Developing the Midlevel Leader: Horizontal and Vertical Leadership Development,” is set to take place June 15.

Emory University’s Wanda Hayes and Debbie Longo will present research on learning conditions that support midlevel managers’ transition from operational management to strategic leadership, both “skill set” and “mind set.” They will also describe Emory’s application of this research to development of its own midlevel leaders.

Remaining programs in 2016 address organizational mentoring, the legal context for selection, and technology-assisted assessment. For more information, please refer to www.gaiop.org.

Photo Credit: Michele Mobley, GAIOP VP of Membership.