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IOP Journal Now Accepting Commentaries


by SIOP Administrative Office

Deadline for Submissions June 24!

Two focal articles have recently been accepted for Volume 9, Issue 4 of Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice. They are now available for comment on the SIOP website.

Commentaries are being accepted until June 24, 2016.

The first focal article for this issue is Qualitative Research in I-O Psychology: Maps, Myths, and Moving Forward by Michael G. Pratt and Silvia Bonaccio. Qualitative methods are gaining prominence in psychology, as well as related fields such as organizational behavior. Yet, one can find little evidence of qualitative research in top I-O psychology journals. The authors argue that the lack of research employing qualitative methods is a loss for the field, and explore the reasons why few scholars adopt this approach. They then explore where this type of research is published and where it is not. Finally, they discuss and debunk several myths that continue to characterize qualitative methods with an eye toward encouraging a greater appreciation and acceptance of this research tradition.

The second focal article is The Evolution and Devolution of 360° Feedback by David W. Bracken, Dale S. Rose, and Allan H. Church. In the 25+ years that the practice of 360° Feedback has been formally labelled and implemented, it has undergone many changes.  Some of these have been positive (evolution) in advancing theory, research, and practice, and others less so (devolution). In this paper the authors offer a new definition of 360° Feedback, summarize its history, discuss significant research and practice trends, and offer suggestions for all user communities (i.e., researchers, practitioners, and end-users in organizations) moving forward. The authors’ purpose is to bring new structure, discussion, and hopefully some degree of closure to key open issues in this important and enduring area of practice.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice takes a focal article – peer commentary format, and commentaries are peer reviewed. We invite interested SIOP members to submit a commentary on either of these articles for consideration for publication. We hope to receive commentaries from a broad range of perspectives, including the science and practice communities, and U.S. and international perspectives.

The journal page also contains details on the process of preparing and submitting a commentary. Please contact Editor John C. Scott at JScott@APTMetrics.com with any questions about the commentary process.