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Help Keep the Memory Alive!


by SIOP Administrative Office

The SIOP community was saddened by the recent passing of President-Elect James L. Outtz. Jim was a remarkable man who made important contributions to the field of I-O psychology and SIOP. Many have expressed an interest in making a memorial gift in honor of Dr. Outtz.  If you are one of those, we invite you to consider making your gift to the James L. Outtz Grant for Student Research on Diversity.

Most of us think of diversity in terms of demographics almost exclusively. But Jim thought about it more broadly, more in keeping with its primary definition as the state or quality of having many different ideas, forms, or types – in short, variety. Jim asserted that “diversity of thought is a necessity in the refinement of constructs.”

None of us alone has all the answers to the problems of organizations, nor to the problems of diversity. We need to look beyond what’s visible on the surface. By promoting diversity in thinking, we can better discover the needed refinements.

The SIOP Foundation is dedicated to making significant contributions to the growth and development of the science and practice of I-O psychology. We will be accepting applications for this new grant soon. The inaugural James L. Outtz Grant for Student Research on Diversity will be awarded next year at the 2017 SIOP Annual Conference in Orlando.

Please make your memorial contributions through the online donation program today!