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SIOP’s Committees Need YOU!


by SIOP Administrative Office

One of the best ways to become more involved in SIOP is through committee service.  

With only a small administrative staff and an annual membership of more tha 9,000 people throughout the world, SIOP relies heavily on volunteers to support and maintain the organization’s vitality.  When you volunteer for a SIOP committee, you are taking an active role in furthering the initiatives of your professional association and advancing the field of industrial-organizational psychology in general. 

The annual SIOP committee-forming period has begun, and we now invite you to submit your volunteer application via the online SIOP Volunteer System (SVS) following the instructions below. Committee chairs will use the SVS to locate potential volunteers in the coming months, with a July deadline to submit committee rosters.  Please act soon and submit your volunteer application to ensure you are properly considered for membership on the committees that most interest you.  A list of SIOP committees can be found here.

Please volunteer through the SIOP Volunteer System by July 1, 2016.

It’s easy to submit your volunteer application:

  1. Visit http://my.siop.org/committeevolunteer
  2. Log in with your my.SIOP username and password (there is a “forgot username/password”tool available at that site if you need a reminder).
  3. Click on the Submit button on the left. (Please leave the button above it set on View All)
  4. Click on the Select Document Type drop-down, choose a committee, and click on the Add New button. Indicate whether it is your first, second, or third choice, and Save the record.
  5. Repeat this process for up to three committees.
  6. Please do not press the Submit icon until you are ready to submit all your choices, then press the Submit icon for each one. The icon will turn into a green checkmark to indicate it was successfully submitted and an email was sent to the chair.

    If you want to change your mind after submitting a choice, delete the choice completely via the red 'X' and simply add a new choice and click the submit icon.
  7. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation email for each submitted application verifying that your application was received by each of the committees you chose.

Please note the following important points regarding SIOP committees:

  • Committee chairs will be very busy in the coming months contacting interested volunteers and finalizing their committee rosters.  Please allow a few months for your application to be reviewed before contacting SIOP to inquire on your status. We will send out an email in/about mid-July to all volunteers who have NOT been selected with suggestion on ways they can volunteer their time to help SIOP, e.g. during the annual conference. 
  • There will be more members interested in volunteering than there will be available volunteer positions.  If you are not selected for a committee this year, please try again next year at this time.
  • Only one Student Affiliate is permitted per committee, except the Awards Committee, which allows none.  Therefore, if you are a SIOP Student Affiliate, please be aware that you may not be invited to join a committee at this time, but your application is still welcome.

For technical assistance when using the SVS, please contact Jim Rebar at jrebar@siop.org or 419-353-0032.  For questions about volunteering, membership or SIOP in general please contact siop@siop.org.

  *If you are currently serving on a committee and wish to continue to serve on that committee, please disregard this email. Chairs will deal with their current volunteers directly.