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Creating Positive Impact at SIOP 2016


by SIOP Administrative Office

Creating Positive Impact at SIOP 2016

SIOP 2016’s Theme Track programming on April 14 offers five sessions of inspiration and instruction to help I-O psychologists make a positive impact.  All the sessions offer CE credit and are included in the cost of conference registration.

Inspired by SIOP President Steve Kozlowski’s multilevel approach to enhancing impact, the sessions investigate the role of I-O in several arenas, from local to global. Creating impact within SIOP itself is even under consideration.

Zack Horn, Manager of Quantitative Psychology for Stitch Fix in San Francisco, chairs the SIOP 2016 Theme Track Committee. He says that “helping others” and “improving lives” are the reasons most often given when he asks others why they’ve chosen to enter the field of psychology.

The Theme Track schedule expands on work done by the SIOP Bridge Builders and other pro-social programs. According to Horn, the intent of the Theme Track is “not simply to tell stories about how others have made an impact, but to open the door for each of us to make a meaningful difference in the world around us."

He continues to say that the Theme Track “makes it easy to get involved, providing opportunity to a large number of our members who really wish they could do stuff like this but assume they ‘just don't have the time.’"

The first session begins after the opening plenary and the SIOP sponsored morning coffee break. Each of the four presentation sessions that lead to a capstone workshop has a different format.

The afternoon workshop on Impact Action Teams brings SIOP conference attendees with similar goals together, so they can collaboratively create positive impact in the coming months.  Click here for the Theme Track session schedule and descriptions. 

Zack Horn and the members of the Theme Track Committee invite you to join the conversation on social media about using I-O psychology to create positive impact.

Tag your posts with #SIOP16 and #Impact to reach the SIOP community with your ideas for meaningful projects at the local, organizational, national or global level.

Then plan to attend the sessions and make your #Impact.  As Horn says, “All you have to do is show up, and you’ll have already begun.”