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Call for Comments: APA Ethics Code Revision


by SIOP Administrative Office

The APA Ethics Committee seeks public comments on Proposed Language to Revise Standard 3.04 of the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (“Ethics Code”). A SIOP work group has been formed to develop an official response. The group is chaired by SIOP APA Council Representative Deirdre Knapp and she is joined by Eden King of George Mason University and Tracy Kantrowitz of CEB. In addition to the official comments being submitted on behalf of SIOP, members are encouraged to share their comments directly.

The public comment period will end on April 5, 2016.   Comments may be made at this website.

“Your comments are important to us. We look forward to hearing from you,” said Linda Knauss, Chair or the APA Ethics Committee, in an email. “Public comments provide valuable input to this important process.”

The APA Council of Representatives recently requested that the Ethics Committee expeditiously pursue an appropriate course of action to incorporate prohibitions surrounding psychologist participation in national security interrogations into the Ethics Code. The proposed language and the public comment period are in response to that request.