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Looking for Something? Find It on my.SIOP!


by SIOP Administrative Office

If you have been following SIOP lately, you already know that the Administrative Office has been working the last few months to implement changes to SIOP.org and my.SIOP that have enabled the office to better serve members. You can read more about this project here and here.

We are pleased to let you know that several of our member ser­vices have now been transitioned to the new platform. Members can also go into their new profiles, after activating their account, and make simple updates to ensure their profiles are complete!

New Resources and Services Now Available

SIOP has been very busy migrating much of SIOP’s membership resources and services onto the new plat­form, including the following that are now available to members:

  • Member Directory-You can now find the directory under “Account Actions” (right-hand menu) upon logging into my.SIOP or under the “Services” drop-down menu.
  • Documents Library- Upload your conference presentations or other important member-oriented documents to the SIOP Document Library, located in the “Resources” drop-down menu.
  • Discussion Forums- Ask questions or carry on member-only discussion on the Discussion Forum platform, which can be found under the “Services” drop-down menu
  • Consultant Locater Service (CLS)- You can now look for or be listed as an I-O consultant on SIOP.org. SIOP’s CLS is back up and running under the “Services” drop-down menu.
  • IOP Journal- Check out the journal’s new homepage, found under the “Publications” menu.
  • Membership Online-The new SIOP Membership Online platform makes it easier than ever to apply for membership! It is still found under the “Membership” drop-down menu.

Update Your my.SIOP Membership Profile

If you have not recently updated your SIOP member profile, please do so soon, as much has recently changed! When you log in on the SIOP website (Hint: click the box that says “Access” in the upper left-hand corner) you will arrive at your SIOP User Account. To edit your profile, use the first five links under “Account Actions” on the right-side menu. Be sure to click “Save” after making any changes.

Of particular importance is the “Manage Privacy and Communications Preferences” link. Be sure you visit this section so you can control your preferred contact information as it displays in the SIOP Membership Directory as well as opt yourself in to receive the mailed copy of the Industrial and Organizational Psychol­ogy (IOP) journal, if you so desire. The default option for the journal is digital-only access.

We will continue to bring you updates on the expanded services and options for members on my.SIOP, so keep checking the website and your inbox in the coming weeks and months!