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Call for Papers on Sports


by SIOP Administrative Office

Call for Papers: Illustrate How Sports Illuminate the Study of Organizations

Gareth Morgan’s classic book, Images of Organization, showed how metaphors may be used to inform organizational studies. One metaphor that is not included in this classic is the use of sports as a metaphor for helping understand the internal nature of organizations and how organizations interact with each other and their environments.

This call is for a volume in the Research in Organizational Sciences series published by Information Age Publishing entitled Sports and Understanding Organizations (Daniel Svyantek, Ed.).

This volume is soliciting manuscripts that illustrate how sports illuminate the study of organizations. These manuscripts may be conceptual or empirical. Conceptual manuscripts may show insights derived from particular situations. For example, how does the Deflategate situation illustrate how justice issues play out in organizations? Empirical manuscripts may explore areas such as how do changes in uniforms (e.g., in college teams) affect team performance and morale after that change? The key is to use sports as a metaphor for better understanding organizational processes.

Individuals may send a one-page proposal to: Daniel J. Svyantek, 205 Thach Hall, Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849-1234, svyandj@auburn.edu.

Proposals may be submitted by mail or electronically by January 15, 2016. Authors with accepted proposals will be notified by January 31, 2016. If your proposal is among those selected, we will need your chapter by May 1, 2016.

Individuals with questions about this volume may contact the editor at the email above.