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SIOP Professional Practice Committee Releases New Mini Webinar


by SIOP Administrative Office

The SIOP Professional Practice Committee is happy to announce the newest edition to its free mini-webinar series. “Effective Feedback”is now available on the SIOP Webinar page.

This webinar explores three things you can do to be better at giving feedback and three things you can do to be a better feedback recipient, according to research. In this 23 minute webinar, Brodie Gregory presents the four key components of any feedback exchange and shares evidence-based tactics for being both a better feedback provider and a better feedback recipient, with illustrative examples. You’ll learn research-based tips that you can immediately apply in your own work and life, with clients, or to inspire your research.

This prerecorded webinar joins a series made by I-O practitioners for I-O practitioners. The SIOP Professional Practice Committee began their educational mini-webinar series in 2013. The series is designed to provide SIOP members with an additional mechanism to stay abreast of new and interesting topics germane to the practice of industrial-organizational psychology. All of the installments in this series are available on the SIOP website.

   Watch this webinar on the webinar page now!

Recorded by members for members, the goals of the mini-webinar series are to (a) support members in their efforts to study, apply, and teach the principles, findings, and methods of industrial-organizational psychology; (b) provide a forum for the exchange of research, insights, and information related to the science, practice, and teaching of industrial-organizational psychology; and (c) promote the education of current and future industrial-organizational psychologists.

The format of the webinars includes video and audio of the speaker on one half of the computer screen and their PowerPoint slides displayed on the other half. As the speaker makes their presentation, they control the PowerPoint slides to advance at the appropriate time, thus the viewer would watch the presentation much like any live presentation.

The mini-webinar concept was conceived in response to the SIOP Practitioner Needs Survey, in which practitioners were asked about potential development activities SIOP could sponsor.

The SIOP Visibility Committee has also produced several student and new I-O-oriented webinars over the last few years on topics such as “A Day in the Life of an I-O Psychologist” and "Graduate School and Careers in I-O Psychology." You can view the complete collections of Visibility and Processional Practice committee webinars on the SIOP webinar page.