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SIOP Schedules Website and my.SIOP Upgrades



Update 10/12/2015:

Thank you for your patience as we implement our new software. Such a massive effort has the full involvement of the SIOP staff and we are working steadily to bring you new and improved web services and processes. We will restore areas of our web site as we are able, and anticipate many changes in the coming days and weeks. If what you are looking to do on SIOP.org is not currently available, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please reach out to us at siop@siop.org or 419-353-0032 if there is something very urgent with which we may be able to assist. Otherwise, please check back soon, and thanks for your support! 


Beginning Monday, October 5, the SIOP Administrative Office implemented changes to SIOP.org and my.SIOP that enabled the office to update its software, operate more efficiently, and better serve members. Although we have now officially transitioned to the new system, the SIOP Administrative Office is continuing to learn the particulars of working with a new program, and some options or services may not be available immediately.  

SIOP members and nonmembers should expect access to SIOP’s online programs and forms to be limited or down until further notice, including:

  • my.SIOP: member directory, dues payments, profile updates (address, telephone, job title changes), library, groups/committees, discussions, board and committee reports, etc.
  • Membership Online: apply for membership, upgrade a membership
  • IOP Journal: member online access
  • SIOP Research Access
  • JobNet: ALL functions working EXCEPT resume postings
  • Consultant Locator Service
  • Media Resources Service
  • TIP advertising orders
  • Foundation Donations
  • SIOP Store
  • THEO Program: search and volunteer form

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we take this step in making SIOP and the Administrative Office better functioning and more up to date.

These changes have involved transitioning to a new association management system (AMS) and are largely administrative and necessary upgrades to the way SIOP collects and stores member information and provides online services. The new system brings the Society in line with best organizational practices for data collection and storage as well as helps streamline SIOP’s online programs to make them more useful to members and the general public.

The new AMS also houses SIOP’s my.SIOP platform, and thus changes have been made to the way SIOP members logon to their my.SIOP account, access their member information, pay dues, and communicate with other SIOP members via my.SIOP. With these changes, my.SIOP will be easier to use and provide a more streamlined set of member-only functions.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we take this step in making SIOP and the Administrative Office better functioning and more up to date.

Questions or concerns can be directed to the SIOP Administrative Office at 419-353-0032 or siop@siop.org.