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It’s Time to Nominate!


by SIOP Administrative Office

SIOP Officer Nominations Open Through September 30

Nominations are now open for four elected positions on SIOP’s Executive Board. The deadline for nominations is midnight EDT on September 30.

SIOP is seeking nominations for the following Executive Board positions:

  • President-Elect
  • External Affairs Officer: Responsible for External Relations, International Affairs, Local I-O Group Relations, Visibility, and United Nations committees
  • Professional Practice Officer: Responsible for Licensing, Certification & Credentialing,  and State Affairs committees  
  • Instructional and Educational Officer: Responsible for CE Coordinator, Consortia, and Education & Training committees

All terms of office are 3 years. All nominees must be members in good standing (current dues paid). For the office of President-Elect the top five member-nominated candidates will appear on the ballot. For the Officers-with-Portfolio positions, the top four member-nominated nominees will appear on the ballot. For more details on the process, please refer to the Elections Committee Policy on Nominations.

Please submit your nominations online here.

If you can't remember your username and password, go to the site and request that they be e-mailed to you. Or call the SIOP Administrative Office at (419) 353-0032.

The nominations process is an important part of ensuring strong leadership for the future of SIOP, so your nomination of qualified candidates is appreciated.