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People in the Press


by SIOP Administrative Office

Tell SIOP When You Have Been Mentioned in the Media!

Have you been quoted in a newspaper story? Did you participate in a radio program, or was your work cited in another form of media? SIOP wants to know about it!

Reporters have found SIOP and its membership to be a rich source of information for work-related stories. Hundreds of specialty publications and websites, national media, and local newspapers look to SIOP for knowledgeable people to assist with these workplace stories.

There are several reasons to let SIOP know about your recent accolades and appearances in the media. Not only does SIOP want to keep up to date on the accomplishments of its members, but the office also keeps track of media coverage of its members throughout the year to compile into the “Members in the News” section of The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP)

In recent months, SIOP members have been quoted in publications across the country, from the Washington Post and TIME, to Fortune and FOXbusiness.com, as well as in more local papers such as the Philadelphia Inquirer. By letting SIOP know about your media coverage, you can be acknowledged by your fellow SIOP members as well.

Interested in Writing Your Own Press Release on Your Research?

If you haven’t been mentioned in the media but are interested in being mentioned, write a press release and send it out through your university or company’s press department. If your organization doesn’t distribute press releases, email it to SIOP and we can send it for you! Click here for helpful tips on how to write a press release.

Your media coverage may also make a great story for SIOP. Your recent source of coverage may be used for a story on the SIOP website, as a press release to other media outlets, or in various other marketing efforts for the Society. Every mention of a SIOP member and his or her work in the media is helpful to our mission to gain greater visibility for SIOP and I-O psychology!

Your news can be sent to Communications Manager Stephany Below at sbelow@siop.org or Clif Boutelle at boutelle@siop.org. Any questions or comments can be e-mailed or directed to the Administrative Office at (419) 353-0032.