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Need Mentoring?


by SIOP Administrative Office

Spots Now Available for SIOP Group Mentoring!

SIOP welcomes all interested practitioners and academicians to participate as protégés for SIOP’s Group Mentoring Program and interact with an accomplished mentor over the next 7 months!

Mentoring offers a terrific opportunity for protégés to seek practitioner- and/or research-oriented guidance and instructions from mentors who have “been there and done that.”

Group Mentoring involves one mentor and a small group of protégés meeting via phone or video conferencing monthly, September 2015 through February 2016. If you participated in the Speed Mentoring Event at the 2015 Annual SIOP Conference, you might even have the same mentor for Group Mentoring!

The major requirements to participate as a protégé are:

  • Current SIOP member
  • Currently employed in an I-O related job or enrolled in an I-O degree-granting program
  • Committed and dedicated to attend all mentoring sessions
  • Flexible to meet with the group at times convenient for most participants
  • Prepared for mentoring sessions (e.g., completing agreed upon assignments/activities in Group Mentoring)

How to Participate
Please reserve your space by completing the sign-up form here. Additional details will be provided upon registration.

NOTE – Your participation in this survey does not guarantee your spot in group mentoring as it’s on a first come/first served basis and there are a limited number of spots available. If all spots are filled, we will put your name on a waitlist and contact you regarding your status. The deadline to complete and submit your application is August 21, 2015.  


Career transitions & professional identity

Research (academic & applied settings)

Internal & external consulting/consulting practice

Selection & assessment

Product development

Selling consulting services & projects / business development

Executive assessment & coaching

Becoming a manager of others

Federal contracting

Training & development

Global/international/cross-cultural issues

Employee health & hell-being (work/life)

Organizational surveys

Legal issues in the workplace

Organizational culture & climate

Talent analytics

Performance management

Growing your career

Strategic HR/utility/ROI

Succession management/forecasting

*Note – because of the ongoing nature of Group Mentoring, final topics of discussion are decided on by each group.

If you have any questions regarding the Practitioner Group Mentoring Program please contact Lizzette Lima at Lizzette.Lima@right.com or Meredith Ferro at Meredith.Ferro@pdri.com.