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Global Organisation for Humanitarian Work Psychology Welcomes SIOP Members


by SIOP Administrative Office

Humanitarian work psychology (HWP) represents the synthesis of organizational, industrial, work, and other areas of psychology with deliberate and organized efforts to enhance human welfare.

The Global Organisation for Humanitarian Work Psychology (GOHWP), founded in 2013, is an international coalition of more than 300 I-O psychology academics and practitioners actively engaged in work devoted to poverty reduction, corporate social responsibility, and the humanitarian treatment of all people in their places of work, whether in low-, middle-, or high-income settings. This group is interested in pursuing two avenues of outreach: one, to expand its membership to include a larger number of I-O psychologists; and two, to publicize the work being done and facilitate collaboration by the professionals in the field.

To that end, the organization is pleased to invite the members of SIOP who are engaging in HWP work (or are interested in doing so) to apply for membership in GOHWP. There is no charge to become a member, as the organization simply aims to serve as a community of like-minded professionals and facilitate collaboration on projects and initiatives in the field.

For more information, visit the GOHWP website www.GOHWP.org or find them on social media:

Twitter: @GOHWP
Facebook/LinkedIn: The Global Organisation for Humanitarian Work Psychology

Interested individuals should contact GOHWP Chair Ashley Hoffman at chair@gohwp.org.