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New Talent Strategy


by SIOP Administrative Office

Latest White Paper Published in SHRM-SIOP Collaborative Series

A new white paper geared toward HR professionals is now available on the SIOP website. The paper, part of an effort between SIOP and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), can be found here.

  • New Talent Strategy: Attract, Process, Educate, Empower, Engage, and Retain the Best, by George Graen, Center for Advance Study University Of Illinois, C-U (Ret.), and Miriam Grace, Senior Technical Design Fellow, The Boeing Company (with illustrations by Michael Erickson, The Boeing Company). In reaction to the dramatic changes the millennial culture is bringing to the workplace and the coincidence of dramatic business disruptions that are driving the need for more innovative employees, human resource departments are changing their existing approaches to talent acquisition and retention based on the new strategic realities. These new realities were revealed by researchers contracted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP to identify the reasons their younger (under the age of 30) employees globally were resigning from high-paying professional positions before completing 2 years of employment. These positions in the past were held by the same employees for 40-plus years. In addition, the recent competition for the best talent worldwide has favored the new global technology companies. These “Google-like” organizations treat their employees as important as their customers. Their new talent strategies are attracting and retaining the best innovators. This white paper introduces several new approaches firms may employ to compete for the best talent in a changing world of work. The recommendation is that human resource practitioners begin training for their many new career opportunities.

This white paper is part of a series titled “The Science of HR,” created under a collaborative partnership between SIOP and SHRM to develop resources for HR practitioners that will further the use and understanding of evidence-based HR practices. These resources, available to both SIOP and SHRM members, are specifically intended to infuse the science of I-O psychology and other HR disciplines into management practices for daily use in the workplace.
The SHRM-SIOP Science of HR series provides practitioner-oriented reviews of evidence-based HR practices. These papers, written by leading researchers and practitioners in the field of I-O psychology and HR, make the science of evidence-based HR practices accessible to SHRM members.
SIOP is continuously working to develop materials about topics that will be published and distributed by SHRM to its membership. For a full list of collaborative articles, visit the SHRM-SIOP page here. A list of current papers is also available on the SHRM website here.

For more information regarding the SIOP-SHRM Science of HR Series, please contact James Kurtessis (james.kurtessis@shrm.org) or David Dubin (David@psycharts.com).