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Back to I-O’s Future


by Stephany Below, Communications Manager

SIOP Prepares Time Capsule in Honor of Division 14 and Conference Anniversary

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Division 14 of the American Psychological Association (i.e., SIOP) and the 30th anniversary of the SIOP conference. To commemorate these events, the SIOP History Committee is launching an historic time capsule project.

SIOP Executive Director Dave Nershi showcases the time capsule

Time capsule instructions and materials

SIOP Historian Jeffrey Cucina proposed the time capsule as a way to provide a tangible glimpse of the state of I-O psychology and SIOP today to future members tomorrow.  Later this year, the time capsule will be sealed for 30 years.  It will be unveiled and opened at the 2045 SIOP conference to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Division 14 and the 60th  SIOP conference.

SIOP Timeline

  • 1945: Division 14 (Industrial and Business Psychology) founded
  • 1973: Name changed to APA Division 14, Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • 1982: Division 14 incorporated as the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc.
  • 2015: 30th Annual SIOP Conference, SIOP time capsule launched!

To see the time capsule and read more about SIOP’s history, visit the time capsule booth at the SIOP Annual Conference, which will be located in the registration and hospitality desk area of the hotel.

“The idea for a time capsule came out of some brainstorming discussions that SIOP Member Services Officer Eric Heggestad and I were having when I first became SIOP Historian last year,” Cucina explained.  “Around that same time, I took a fresh look at SIOP’s historical timeline and noticed that 2015 would be the 70th anniversary of Division 14—SIOP—and the 30th annual SIOP conference.  I wanted to do something special to commemorate these two events and a time capsule seemed like a great idea.” 

Cucina said he hopes the time capsule will provide value to both current members and those who open it in the future.

“I want to create artifacts for future generations of SIOP members to have and to give current members of SIOP a chance to tell their story to the future,” he added. “It also gives future SIOP members something to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Division 14 and the 60th annual SIOP conference in 2045, which is when the capsule will be opened.”

Cucina is currently accepting SIOP members’ suggestions for donated items to be placed in the time capsule. The items should reflect I-O psychology in 2015 and should be small in size. 

If you would like to suggest an item to be donated for the capsule, please send your suggestion jcucina@gmail.com.

“Physical objects go a long way toward telling about the past,” Cucina explained. “Museums across the world are filled with the everyday objects of past people’s lives.  Oftentimes it can be difficult for historians to find physical objects of the past.  However, a time capsule is a great way to donating objects about I-O psychology and the lives of SIOP members to the future.  We are creating history with the time capsule.” 

Although a decision has not yet been made, Cucina said SIOP has several options for a location to store the time capsule.  The capsule will not be stored underground, as that can pose a risk to a time capsule due to moisture leakage, insects, and future construction projects. 

“I can tell you that we when we make a decision, we will enter the location into the registry of time capsules, which is maintained by Oglethorpe University’s International Time Capsule Society,” he added. “The time capsule will be sealed until its unveiling in 2045. However, future SIOP Historians and I will keep tabs on it throughout the next 30 years.”