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Getting I-O Content Into Psychology Textbooks


by SIOP Administrative Office

SIOP Committee Seeks Volunteer Writers and Reviewers

The Textbook Subcommittee of SIOP's Education and Training Committee seeks SIOP members who are willing to help get more I-O psychology content into undergraduate introductory psychology textbooks.

So far the committee has had an outstanding group of volunteer writers and reviewers put together one-page summaries of various SIOP competency areas for use in introductory textbooks. Though numerous editors have personally requested these summaries for incorporation into upcoming editions of their textbooks, the group is still in need of volunteer writers and reviewers who can provide one-page reviews of the following areas:

  • Work Motivation
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Individual Assessment
  • Job Evaluation/Compensation
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Organization Theory
  • Small Group Theory and Team Processes

The committee will be in touch with volunteers as soon as they reply with a match. Writers’ names and contact information will also be listed on the summary so editors may choose to acknowledge such individuals if they see fit. The commiteee also encourages members to pass this request along to others who may be interested in volunteering.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Steve Young, SIOP Education & Training Committee, at syoung2009@my.fit.edu.