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Voting Now Open for Proposed Bylaws Amendments



SIOP Voting Members May Cast Their Ballots Through March 7

At its May 18 and September 26, 2014 meetings, the SIOP Executive Board voted to present three bylaws amendments to the voting membership. In accordance with the SIOP Bylaws, official notification was emailed to SIOP voting members 30 days in advance.

A 1-month comment period ended February 4 and voting members of SIOP have now received emails detailing how to submit their votes. The proposed bylaws amendments include:

  • Eliminating the prerequisite organization membership requirement-The Board approved a motion to recommend a bylaws change to remove the prerequisite organization membership (APA, APS, Canadian Psychological Association, European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology) requirement in order to become a member of SIOP. Although it is expected that many members will continue to be affiliated with APA and the other organizations, it will no longer be a requirement for new members.
  • Establishing a pathway to Member status for Associate members: The Board approved a motion to recommend a bylaws change to provide a pathway by which Associate members with master’s degrees can become full SIOP Members.  The Executive Board will approve a policy establishing the criteria for Associate members to become Members. Those criteria will include Associate member status for a period of at least 5 consecutive years, engagement in professional activities, letters of nomination, holding a master’s degree, and attendance at least three official SIOP meetings within the last 5 years.
  • Removing the listing of standing committees and other changes: The SIOP Executive Board voted to recommend a bylaws change to remove the list of standing committees from the bylaws and instead include them in the Administrative Manual, which contains all Executive Board policies. The existing bylaws are out of date, not having been revised to reflect the current list of committees. This change will enable the list to be kept up to date without formal changes to the bylaws (which require a vote of the membership). Other “clean-up” changes are also contained in the amendment.

Voting is open through midnight EST March 7. Voting members (Members, Fellows, Retired Members, and Retired Fellows) can cast their vote at www.siop.org/elect.

The amendments will be voted on separately, and an affirmative vote from the majority of those voting will be required for approval. The full text of the amendments as well as links to the comments made during the comment period can be found here: http://www.siop.org/bylawsamend.aspx.

The SIOP Executive Board of Directors recommends passage of all three amendments.