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Recognizing the Best in Human Resource Management


by SIOP Administrative Office

2015 HRM Impact Award Accepting Applications Through April 30

SIOP and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), together with the SIOP and SHRM Foundations, will be accepting applications for the 2015 HRM Impact Award through the end of April. Be sure to get your submissions in by April 30, 2015!

In 2013, the four founding organizations launched the HRM Impact Award as an international award to honor organizations with outstanding evidence-based HR management practices. The competition selects winners based on HR practices and initiatives that have been measured and determined successful through evidence-based, data-driven analyses.

"This prestigious award celebrates those organizations that are devoting time and resources to provide an evidence base for HR practices, and thereby making a difference in the working lives of their employees,” explained HRM Impact Committee Chair Ann Marie Ryan.
Award submissions are now being accepted on the HRM Impact Award website, www.hrmimpactawards.org. Read the submission guidelines and learn how to submit your application for a 2015 HRM Impact Award!

Any for-profit, not-for-profit, or government organization, located anywhere in the world, may apply for recognition of an evidence-based initiative or practice used internally by that organization. Consulting firms may not submit an application. Rather, they are encouraged to have their clients submit an application that highlights a practice developed by the consulting firm and used in the client organization. The award will be presented to the organization in which the project or initiative has been implemented, with appropriate recognition also given to the consulting firm or other outside organization that developed or assisted in implementing the project or initiative. Membership in SHRM and/or SIOP is not required.

The featured practice may be currently in use or have been in use within the past five years; however a practice or initiative within a particular organization can be nominated only once, unless re-submission is specifically invited by the HRM Impact Award Review Committee. Any type of HR practice or initiative may be nominated.

Follow the HRM Impact Award online:

Website: www.hrmimpactawards.org 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HRMImpactAwards 
Twitter: www.twitter.com/HRMImpactAwards

SHRM and SIOP, together with their foundations, present one or more HRM Impact awards each year. Winning organizations benefit in numerous ways. The winners will be recognized publicly with a plaque presented at SHRM and/or SIOP events. In addition, they will be featured in press releases and news articles highlighting their organizations and winning practices or initiatives.

Read about the previous award winners here. Information about eligibility and award criteria can also be found on the HRM Impact website.