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A Call for Action!


by Nikki Blacksmith, Tiffany Poeppelman, Tilman Sheets, and Stephany Below, SIOP Electronic Communications Committee

Creating #SIOP15 Conference Buzz on Social Media

Attending the SIOP Annual Conference in Philly? In preparation for the big event, we want to give you ideas on how to incorporate social media usage throughout the conference! See below for quick tips. If you have others, share them on Twitter @SIOPtweets!

How can you create awareness? Get online and stir up attention around SIOP’s annual conference sessions and events. Use the #SIOP15 hashtag!

Ways to create buzz:

  • Encourage people to attend sessions by posting the time and place of sessions you are interested in or are presenting
  • Ensure #SIOP15 is on the first slide of your presentation or on your poster
  • Incorporate #SIOP15 into Q&A sessions - Here’s how:
    • Live tweet interesting tidbits from presentations
    • Post questions for the presenters on their Twitter page
  • Post about things you’ve learned in sessions
  • Post about social events you will be attending and ask others to join
  • Share research ideas with others in the field


  • If attendees band together and post online it will help increase SIOP’s visibility
  • Connect with other attendees during and after the conference
  • Provide or capture real-time feedback about research and practice
  • Disseminate I-O research more broadly—SIOP’s is followed by more than 3,600 people on Twitter!
  • Meet and connect with other attendees at the conference
  • Build your personal brand via social media
  • Share conference information for those who could not attend

Don’t know what to post? Check out #SIOP14 for examples from last year!

SIOP Annual Conference Registration will be opening soon. We challenge you to take our social media presence to the next level - Start posting about the conference today and use hashtag #SIOP15!