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Turning Research Into Practice


by SIOP Administrative Office

SIOP Committees Release New White Papers

SIOP’s Visibility and International Affairs committees recently released two new white papers! The white papers are now available on the recently revamped white paper page on the SIOP website.

Readers will notice a distinct new look to these recent additions to the SIOP white paper series.

“Last year the committee refreshed its ‘Hot Topic’ paper format so that the look, feel, and flow aligned more to business briefs,” explained Jolene Skinner, chair of the HR-Business subcommittee of the Visibility Committee. “We created a new template with the SIOP Administrative Office that reflects SIOP’s recently launched brand and logo. The committee just released its first ‘Hot Topics’ paper under the new brand guidelines, and we are very excited to see it published!”

Now that the new brand has been approved, the committees also plan to republish the original papers in the new format so that all of them have a consistent look. Read about the two newest papers below.

What We Know About Youth Employment: Research Summary and Best Practices,” written by Rosalind Searle, Coventry University, Berrin Erdogan, Portland State University, José M. Peiró, University of Valencia, and Ute-Christine Klehe, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, discusses the unique employment situation of the world’s youth. This paper also includes an executive summary version.

The goal of this white paper is to bring greater attention to the issue of youth employment and, through reviewing research, identify ways that current practice can be enhanced. The authors accomplish this objective by highlighting why youth employment demands more focused attention, outlining the key research findings, reporting on international similarities as well as differences, and sharing a list of best practices.

Leadership Development for Organizational Success,” by Aaron J. Kraus and Chantale N. Wilson, The University of Akron, is a refreshed version of a previous white paper on leadership development, with updated research and practice.

Leadership development involves a wide range of practices acknowledged as essential for maximizing the potential of an organization’s human capital and growth opportunities, explain the authors. This is reflected in the estimated 40 billion dollars spent by organizations on leadership development annually in the Unites States alone. To maximize the return on this significant investment, leadership development programs and initiatives must be designed with attention to current research and best practices. This research explores this research and best practices to help guide organizations in solving their most pressing leadership problems.

“We think you readers will be impressed,” Skinner added. “Stay tuned. We will continue to release more in the coming months.”

Upcoming papers to be published over the next month include:

  • Want More Effective Managers? Learning Agility May Be the Key
  • Getting Engaged: Top Tips for an Engaged Workforce
  • Workplace Bullying: Causes, Consequences, and Intervention Strategies