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Find an I-O!


by SIOP Administrative Office

SIOP Relaunches the Consultant Locator Service

SIOP is pleased to announce the relaunch of our Consultant Locator Service (CLS)! You can find the CLS on the “Services” menu of the SIOP homepage.

Consultant Locator ServiceThis is a free membership benefit designed to help connect SIOP professional members who provide consulting services with organizations seeking I-O expertise. For organizations, SIOP’s Consultant Locator Service will assist in finding industrial-organizational psychologists who perform consulting services in your geographical area and/or specializes in your organization’s particular area of need.

The CLS enables users to search for I-O consultants based on the types of services provided, key words, name or geographic location. The user’s search results will display consultants who match the criteria and can be expanded to show a photo, consultant bio, contact information, and the geographic areas in which the consultant provides service.

To be included as consultant in the SIOP CLS, you must opt in. To do so, go to www.siop.org and log in using your SIOP user name and password. Then go to “edit profile” using the drop down next to your name on the right side of the black bar. You’ll see a number of categories of information. Expand “Consultant Locator.” This is where you will input all the information that will be displayed in CLS. Start by clicking “yes” in response to the question, “Would you like to be included in the SIOP Consultant Locator?”

You may then input the information that will comprise your consultant profile. Please note that this information can be different from your SIOP membership information (e.g., you want consultant inquiries to go to your cell phone instead of your office number). CLS is an individual based service, so there are no listings for companies or organizations. However, you can certainly highlight your organization in your consultant bio and include a link to the company website.

Here’s a brief explanation of the information you can submit:

  • Consultant Area of Service: This is where you input the geographic areas where you provide services. You can check USA Only. and you will be prompted to select those states in which you operate. If you choose Canada, you will be prompted to input provinces. You can also select international if you provide services beyond the US and Canada. We suggest that you provide additional detail in your bio if you choose “international” because we do not provide a list of countries.
  • Keywords: Input words separated by commas that will provide the best search results for the services you provide.
  • Consultant Services: You can select up to six consulting services from the list. If you don’t see a service, be sure to add that in your keywords so users will be able to locate you.
  • Consultant Bio: Here is your opportunity to provide a bio outlining your credentials and other helpful information. Note that this is different than your my.SIOP profile. This bio is focused on your consulting work. There are a number of editing features to help you customize your bio. The “preview” button will not change your view unless you have used HTML in your bio.
  • Links: You can include up to two links. The first box is the text you wish to display. The box underneath is the URL to which the text is hyperlinked.
  • Consultant Resume: This is where you upload your CV or resume. Please note that documents can’t be deleted once uploaded, but you can overwrite them by uploading a new document.
  • The remaining parts of the form allow you to input your contact information. This can be different than your regular SIOP contact information.

After you enter your Consultant Locator profile information, you can view your information to make sure you are happy with the results. The CLS uses the photo you uploaded into your my.SIOP profile. If you haven’t already done this, the “upload picture here” location is right below the CLS section you have been working on in your my.SIOP profile.

We hope SIOP’s professional members will find the CLS beneficial. We’re pleased to present this service free of charge to members as part of our efforts to meet the needs of those engaged in the practice and science of I-O psychology!