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The ROI of Hiring Military Vets


by SIOP Administrative Office

SIOP Seeks Members Researching Veterans in the Workplace

SIOP is seeking members who can assist with a project to develop a white paper that outlines the business case and financial benefits of hiring veterans in civilian jobs.

This project has a tight time frame. If you are interested, please respond to Nathan Ainspan (nathan.d.ainspan.civ@mail.mil) as soon as possible.

The project organizers seek to answer the following questions:

  • What are senior business leaders' major employee-related concerns? What is preventing them from achieving their company's full success? For example, annual CEO surveys show that even during the past recessions companies had difficulties finding employees without an entitlement mentality and with the right skills. What is the most recent data we have on CEO concerns? Have these concerns been quantified into dollars? How much do these concerns cost American companies?
  • What are today's companies looking for in their new hires? In addition to the technical skills, what "soft skills" (i.e.; leadership skills, comfort in diverse situations, resilience, ability to overcome difficulties) are in high demand? We know that veterans gain most of these soft skills while in uniform, and we want to be able to demonstrate through research how much these skills are in demand.
  • Can these skills be quantified in financial terms?  How much is it worth to the companies to locate an employee that possesses these skills?
  • What is the business case for hiring veterans? How much does the company save, for example, by having employees that have already been trained or certified in certain skills? What is the value of having young employees who already have learned that actions have consequences and know how to respect authority?  All of these are things that a young veteran may have learned in boot camp but a recent college graduate may not have learned yet.
  • How much do HR-related decisions actually cost companies in real dollars?  How much do companies spend on testing applicants?  How much can they save if they know that their candidates were already screened by the military? How much do they spend on relocating employees? 

Dr. Ainspan and his team hope to answer these questions in a white paper that is in the process of being assembled. Given the military and federal government’s interest in this topic it is anticipated that this paper will receive a good deal of attention.

We welcome any research findings SIOP members may have and any suggestions or ideas about the aforementioned questions. Anyone interested should contact Nathan Ainspan, research psychologist at the DOD Transition to Veterans Program, at (703) 614 8663 or nathan.d.ainspan.civ@mail.mil.