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by SIOP Administrative Office

Scientific Affairs Committee Releases New White Paper

A new addition to the SIOP White Paper Series is now available on the white paper page.

“Telecommuting” by Kristen Shockley, Baruch College, City University of New York, describes the findings of empirical studies that examine how telecommuting relates to personal and workplace outcomes. Recommendations for appropriate implementation of telecommuting programs based on research findings are also provided.

The audience for the white paper includes organizational decision makers, general public, and policy makers, said Shockley.

“This paper covers a summary of research related to telecommuting as well as practical recommendations for organizations with telecommuting policies,” she added.

“Telecommuting” can now be downloaded from the SIOP white
paper page here. A “One-Pager” document is also available.

SIOP’s white paper page includes several papers from the SIOP Visibility, International Affairs, and Scientific Affairs committees on topics such as “Learning Agility,” “Leadership Development for Organizational Success,” and “Achieving Well-Being in Retirement.” Read and share them all!