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Expanding I-O Psychology Through Connection


by SIOP Administrative Office

Watch SIOP Annual Conference TED-Style Theme Track Video Now!

The 2014 SIOP Annual Conference featured a Saturday theme track titled "Breakthrough: Expanding I-O Psychology Through Connection" that included 13 TED-style talks.  Now SIOP has recorded and posted 11 of these talks online for your postconference viewing pleasure!

For those who are unfamiliar, TED talks were originally created by TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design), a nonprofit devoted to spreading novel ideas in the form of 18-minute talks. This means you can expect a group of handpicked, dynamic speakers presenting on engaging topics in the typical 18-minute, idea-heavy, PowerPoint slide-light TED format. All speakers focus on “ideas worth spreading” but with the added emphasis of how I-O psychologists can use connections outside the traditional field to foster breakthrough ideas.

View the complete video list on the SIOP website here or click the individual links in the story below.

East Meets West



Neuroscience Meets Leadership



Deductive Research Meets Inductive Research



Technology Meets Application



(Open the YouTube video in one window and open the PDF slide show in another to follow along with the presentation.)

The goal of the theme track is to present a series of sessions that describe research, practice, or conceptual ideas about how making connections between various disciplines or schools of thought can enhance I-O psychology.

“We thought TED-style talks would be an exciting session format to introduce to the SIOP conference,” explained Kristen M. Shockley, SIOP Program Chair-in-Training and assistant professor of Psychology at Baruch College and The Graduate Center, City University of New York, in a feature article about the Saturday Theme Track (read the full story here!) “Our goal is to preserve the integrity of the science and practice but make the ideas very digestible—no discussion of beta weights or p-values here!  The theme track committee has hand-picked the speakers, and I truly believe the audience will be wowed by both their presentation style and the content of the talks.”