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I-O Grant Hall of Fame


by SIOP Administrative Office

SIOP Committee Now Accepting Nominations for Most Interesting, Unusual, Inspiring Grant Experiences

Nominations for the I-O Grant Hall of Fame are now open. Take this 11-item survey here to submit yours!

SIOP members have indicated interest in learning more about how to pursue grant funding for research topics in I-O.  To support SIOP members worldwide, the Scientific Affairs Committee has delivered speed-mentoring sessions, web content, expert panels, and a TIP column about I-O grant funding experiences (read more in the TIP column “Yes You Can”).

To conclude the TIP column, we’re conducting a brief survey to identify the most amazing, unusual, inspiring, serendipitous, and wacky grant experiences from SIOP members.  These experiences will be aggregated in the final TIP column, themed “World Records of I-O Funded Research”.

Will you contribute 5 minutes to this SIOP education effort?  If so, click here!