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Propose a Session!


by SIOP Administrative Office

Alliance Seeks 2015 SIOP and EAWOP Program Suggestions

The Alliance for Organizational Psychology (AOP) is looking for panels, incubators, symposia, or other program items that will be included in SIOP 2015 Annual Conference (Philadelphia, PA) and EAWOP 2015 (Oslo, Norway).

If you have session ideas that fit the theme of internationalization of I-O psychology and help build international linkages, the program committee wants to hear from you!

We are looking for ideas that will be of interest to a large number of conference attendees. The AOP program committee (Berrin Erdogan [Chair], Frederik Anseel, Lisa Finkelstein, Barbara Kozusznik, Ros Searle, Salvatore Zappala) will consider these proposals when creating the actual program events that will be part of the AOP invited sessions during these two conferences.

No formal proposals are needed. Instead, you can simply send the following information:

  • Title and content of the proposed session and a brief description
  • Proposed session format
  • Names of potential participants
  • The conference (SIOP or EAWOP) for which you are proposing this idea.

Please send your proposals, ideas, and questions to Berrin Erdogan (berrine@pdx.edu) by July 21.

What is Alliance for Organizational Psychology?

The mission of the Alliance for Organizational Psychology (AOP) is to support and advance the science and practice of organizational psychology and to expand its scope of application and contribution to society to improve the quality of working life. The Alliance has three goals:

  • Influence policies and practices related to the quality of work life and the effectiveness of individuals and organizations.
  • Advocate internationally the science and practice of organizational, industrial, and work psychology.
  • Enhance communication and collaboration among its member societies (currently SIOP, EAWOP, and IAAP Div. 1) and the individuals who are members of these societies

We are looking forward to hearing from you!