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Call for Papers


by SIOP Administrative Office

Special Issue of the International Journal of Human Resource Management: People With Disabilities in the Workplace

Editors: Lisa Schur, Rutgers University; Adrienne Colella, Tulane University; Meera Adya, Syracuse University

The International Journal of Human Resource Management invites submissions for a special issue on employment of people with disabilities. Papers can address employment barriers and facilitators for people with disabilities, including but not limited to public policies, corporate policies and practices, HRM policies, accommodation issues, and treatment by managers, supervisors and coworkers. Papers can also examine the causes and consequences of workplace experiences and outcomes for employees with disabilities, such as pay, training, promotions, participation in decisions, work–family balance, job satisfaction, organization commitment, organizational citizenship behaviors, and voluntary and involuntary turnover. Both case studies and multi-employer studies, and within country and cross-country studies, are welcome.

The deadline for submission of papers is September 1, 2014. Inquiries may be directed to the special issue editors: Lisa Schur (schur@work.rutgers.edu), Adrienne Colella, (acolella@tulane.edu), and Meera Adya (madya@law.syr.edu)