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Big Stories in the Big Apple


by Stephany Below, SIOP Communications Manager, and Clif Boutelle, SIOP Public Relations

 SIOP members shared their science, practice, and research in industrial-organizational psychology to an eager audience last Thursday during a specially invited New York City reporters’ luncheon for workplace and business reporters.

SIOP’s Visibility Committee hosted the lunch at the Harvard Club of New York City.

SIOP members Seymour Adler, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Ben Dattner, Carl Persing, Chris Rotolo, and Anna Marie Valerio represented SIOP at the event, discussing their careers and trends in I-O psychology, answering questions from the reporters and offering potential story ideas.

Ten reporters from outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, BBC, MarketWatch, and Psychology Today attended the casual lunch, the purpose of which was to discuss some of the latest research in the field of workplace psychology and I-O psychology’s impact upon business and the workplace. The reporters were also given a sneak peak at SIOP’s new brand. A German journalist who happened to be in the U.S. as well as several freelance business reporters were also in attendance.

“One of the ways that the Visibility Committee helps spread the word about I-O and its benefits for the business community is by convening a Media Luncheon,” explained Persing, Visibility Committee Chair. “Attendees learned how SIOP could aid them in their business-related writing assignments and assist with topics related to workers. The panel of I-Os answered a variety of questions posed by the writers, elaborated on the unique skills and perspectives that I-Os bring to business, discussed some of the issues we face as a discipline, and explained how I-Os create accurate, scientifically based knowledge and how we apply it.”

The organizers received very positive feedback from the reporters in attendance, many of whom made plans to write stories after the meeting and expressed enthusiasm about gaining story ideas from SIOP’s membership.
“Events such as these are valuable in forming relationships with those who can help spread knowledge about I-O, and that can pay great dividends in the form of accurate information being disseminated to the public and potential consumers of I-O,” explained Persing.

SIOP’s fourth media luncheon provided an excellent opportunity for workplace journalists to meet I-O psychologists and vice versa, said Dattner, who helped organize the event.

“We had an engaging and interesting discussion in which members of each profession gained a better understanding of one another’s respective areas of expertise and focus,” he said. “The I-O psychologists and workplace journalists discussed a shared commitment to presenting information accurately and with proper contextualization, as well as the pressure to compete with other media and social media for viewer’s/reader’s attention.”

The event follows several successful media luncheons sponsored by SIOP in recent years. Past luncheons have included journalists from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, TIME, BusinessWeek, Psychology Today, Forbes, Inc. magazine, HR Executive magazine, SHRM online, McKinsey Quarterly, Portfolio.com, HR Magazine, Newsday, Money Magazine, Fast Company, and Dow Jones newswires.

The lunch did not include formal presentations, just an opportunity for reporters who write about workplace issues to meet industrial-organizational psychologists and discuss workplace research and trends.

“It is so helpful to meet the journalists and spend the time in a mutual exchange of interests,” Valerio said. “The setting of the Harvard Club is very conducive to these exploratory discussions and …setting just the right tone.”

SIOP’s other media relations efforts include a helpful “Media” tab on the SIOP website that provides reporters with information about SIOP as well as a Media Resources Service that lists hundreds of members available to speak to reporters on a range of workplace topics. SIOP members can be included in the Media Resources Service by identifying their interests in one of the designated I-O interest areas when you pay this year’s dues!

Questions regarding SIOP’s media relations can be directed to Stephany Below at sbelow@siop.org or Clif Boutelle at boutelle@siop.org.