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Do Your Part—Master the Elevator Speech


by SIOP Administrative Office

SIOP Blogger Asks All SIOP Members to Have an Answer for ‘What is I-O Psychology?’

“‘Industrial-organizational psychologist.’ What the heck is that? Whatever it is, its growth rate beats that of every other occupation.”

In her most recent post for the SIOP Exchange, blogger Carrie Anne Zapka quotes a recent ABC News article about the 20 fastest growing jobs.

“It is wonderful to get this positive press for I-O, but that is the kind of comment I would expect from an aunt, not from ABC,” she says in her post. “They tried to talk about how much the field of I-O totally rocks, but with a quote like that, we hardly sound like an important field, even if we did win #1 this year.”

In her post, Zapka explains the common feeling amongst I-Os that these types of misinformation and misconceptions are everywhere. However, Zapka argues that I-Os can help solve the problem by being better at helping communicate the SIOP and I-O brand.

“While reading the recent SIOP article, No, I-O Psychologists are Not Therapists, though, is when I realized that I am part of the problem,” she said. “Chances are that many of you are also part of the problem. Since I first discovered and committed to an education in this ‘unknown’ field (the topic my first blog, How I Stumbled Upon I-O from a Totally Different Career), I have struggled to explain what it is, even to my friends and family.”

Zapka goes on to explain that the purpose of her post is to inspire those I-Os who have mastered the art of the impossible I-O elevator speech to share your wisdom and for the rest of us to commit to mastering it ourselves.

Read her full post and share your elevator pitch here! (SIOP also understands the visibility problems facing I-O psychology. Read two articles describing the Society’s intentions to reinvigorate the brand here and here, and keep an eye out for new developments in our brand project in the coming weeks!)