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IOP Journal Now Accepting Commentaries


by SIOP Administrative Office

Submission Deadline February 25!

Two focal articles have recently been accepted for Volume 7, Issue 3, of SIOP’s journal, Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice. They are now available for comment on the SIOP website.

The deadline for commentary submissions is February 25, 2014.

The first focal article for this issue is by Elise K. Kalokerinos, Courtney von Hippel, and Hannes Zacher and is titled “Is Stereotype Threat a Useful Construct for Organizational Psychology Research and Practice?” Stereotypes about different groups persist in organizations. Employees from such groups may experience stereotype threat, or the concern that they are being judged on the basis of demeaning stereotypes about groups to which they belong. The goal of this focal article is to discuss whether stereotype threat is a useful construct for organizational psychology research and practice. To this end, the authors focus on consequences other than acute performance deficits in laboratory settings. In particular, they examine studies that highlight the effects of stereotype threat on intrapersonal outcomes (e.g., job attitudes), interpersonal outcomes (e.g., negotiation), and on the relationship between employees and their organization. The research reviewed suggests that stereotype threat is a potentially important phenomenon in organizations, but it also highlights the paucity of research in an organizational context. The authors provide suggestions for future research directions as well as for the prevention and amelioration of stereotype threat in the workplace.

The second focal article is by Herman Aguinis, Kyle J. Bradley, and Apryl Brodersen and is titled “Industrial-Organizational Psychologists in Business Schools: Brain Drain or Eye Opener?” The authors conducted a quantitative and a qualitative study to assess the extent to which I-O psychology has moved to business schools, understand the nature of this move, and offer a balanced discussion of positive and negative consequences of this phenomenon. In quantitative Study 1, they provide evidence that I-O psychologists affiliated with business schools currently constitute a majority of editorial board members and authors of articles published in Journal of Applied Psychology and Personnel Psychology, but that I-O psychology, as a field, is growing. These results suggest that it is not the field of I-O psychology but some of the most active and influential I-O psychology researchers who are moving to business schools. In qualitative Study 2, the authors gathered perspectives from 146 SIOP Fellows and 25 SIOP presidents suggesting different views on Study 1’s results ranging from very negative (i.e., “brain drain”) to very positive (i.e., “eye opener”) depending on the affiliation of the respondent. Based on these results, they offer 10 admittedly provocative predictions to stimulate follow-up research and serve as a catalyst for an important conversation, as well as the development of action plans, regarding the future of I-O psychology as a field.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice takes a focal article – peer commentary format, and commentaries are peer reviewed. We invite interested SIOP members to submit a commentary on either of these articles for consideration for publication. We hope to receive commentaries from a broad range of perspectives, including the science and practice communities, and U.S. and international perspectives.

The focal articles can be downloaded by clicking on the Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice link in the publications dropdown menu of the SIOP Web site, www.siop.org. The journal page also contains details on the process of preparing and submitting a commentary. Please contact Editor Kevin Murphy at krm10@me.com with any questions about the commentary process.

Calling All Practitioners!

A Note From IOP Editor Kevin Murphy

In the short time since I became editor of this journal, one thing has become clear. I-O practitioners are not submitting focal articles or commentaries in numbers that come near to representing their presence in SIOP.  As someone who has worked both in academics and practice, I appreciate that writing articles is valued and supported in some settings more than in others, but if we want IOP to be more than an academic discussion, we need your help. The perspectives of I-O psychologists who work in nonacademic settings are very valuable, but they will not be represented in this journal if practitioners do not engage more fully with the journal.  Even if you work in a setting where there is no time and no support for writing a focal article, please scan the journal as new articles come out and contribute commentaries.  We will be a better journal if the perspectives of I-O psychologists who are practitioners are better represented.

We look forward to your submissions!