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Funding Opportunity!


by Lewis-Burke Associates LLC

DIA Releases Innovation Broad Agency Announcement

December 5, 2013

On November 27, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) released its Innovation Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), a new funding opportunity created to leverage “ideas, practices, and capabilities” from outside the DIA organization. The release of the BAA follows the creation of DIA’s innovation-centered webpage the DIA “Needipedia.” According to DIA, the webpage enables DIA to “express capability needs to a larger community of innovators. Needipedia creates a direct communication channel of DIA needs that enhance mission capabilities into the emerging technology community.

Expressing mission needs clearly to the innovator is vital for greater mission success.” DIA, through Needipedia, has created a list of 10 areas of need (listed below) that capture the challenges, technical and nontechnical, the Agency faces as the Department of Defense’s (DOD) intelligence agency. The Needipedia webpage provides detailed information on each of the 10 areas. Applicants to the Innovation BAA are encouraged to identify, by number, the area of need they intend to address.

The 10 areas of need, as listed on DIA’s Needipedia webpage are:

  1. Prevents Strategic Surprise
  2. Supports Contingency Response
  3. New Analysis Technologies and Methods
  4. Enhances Counter Intelligence and Security
  5. Human Intelligence Capability Development
  6. Mission Enhancing Science and Technology
  7. Improves Mission Support Capabilities
  8. Enhances Technical Collection
  9. Increases Organizational Effectiveness
  10. Empower Partnerships

Details of the funding opportunity follow:

Due dates: White papers are required and will be accepted from January 1, 2014 until August 1, 2014. Full proposals will be solicited by request only after white papers have been submitted.

Total funding and award size: No funding has been specifically allocated for this BAA. However, the BAA notes that funding may be provided during the open period of the BAA to pursue promising innovation concepts. In addition, the types of awards may vary as well, to include procurement contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, and other transactions.

Eligibility and limitations: All “responsible sources capable of satisfying the objectives of this solicitation announcement are encouraged to reply.” Cost sharing is not required but will be considered.

Sources and additional resources: