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You Can Attend SIOP 2014!



New Opportunity Toolkit Provides Tips for Budgeting and Explaining the Value of the SIOP Annual Conference in Honolulu

SIOP is excited to be planning the upcoming 2014 Annual Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii—and we want to make sure all of our members have a chance to join us for this important I-O event!

The 29th Annual SIOP Conference will take place May 15-17, 2014 at the Hawaii Convention Center and Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu, Hawaii (registration is now open!) The world’s largest and most prestigious conference on work and organizational psychology, the annual conference is the culminating event of the year for SIOP.

We understand that budgets are tight and that you may need help getting to Hawaii next May. To assist members in gaining approval for the trip and staying within their budgets on the way, SIOP has launched the Opportunity Toolkit, a webpage with tips and resources to help you make it to this important event. The opportunity toolkit is separated into three sections:

  • Point out the value of the SIOP conference. This section provides a list of tips to help you best express the many valuable reasons for attending this year's event in Honolulu, including showing how attending SIOP is strategic for your organization and how it will help build your career.
  • Build the case with your boss. Relating the value of attending the SIOP Annual Conference can often be done most effectively in a letter. This section includes two example letters: one geared toward practitioners, the other toward academics. They'll provide you a helpful start.
  • Make attending as affordable as possible. We realize there are only so many dollars available to cover the costs of budget attending conferences. Whether it's travel, hotel, or out-of-pocket expenses, there are ways to keep everything in line and make it to SIOP 2014 in Honolulu. This section includes a list of ways to save on your trip!

The SIOP Annual Conference offers numerous opportunities to build new relationships while also keeping up with the latest advancements in industrial-organizational research and practice. We will also be taking advantage of our location in the Pacific to network and help facilitate international research collaborations. (Read more about the numerous informative and stimulating sessions and special events you will find at this year’s conference in SIOP President Tammy Allen’s invitation here!)The SIOP annual conference is your best opportunity to engage with the largest gathering of I-O psychologists in the world. With a cutting-edge scientific program as well as the state-of-the-art practice on display, the conference truly offers something for everyone.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in exciting Honolulu, Hawaii, in May!