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Calling All Authors!



SIOP Committee Seeks White Paper Writers

HR-Business Subcommittee
SIOP Visibility Committee

The HR-Business Subcommittee of the SIOP Visibility Committee has been working on a series of Hot Topic Papers aimed at an HR and business audience—and we need your help to identify other areas that would be of interest!

These short briefs (4-6 pages) discuss important topics in the field of I-O in an accessible and business-friendly way. We have been posting these papers on the SIOP website, and we continue to look for more venues to share these business briefs to a wider audience (if you have any suggestions, please let Jolene Skinner know at skinnerjolene@bfusa.com). We also have more in the pipeline that will be posted in the coming months, and we need your help to identify other areas that would be of interest to the HR and business audiences.

As we evolve our process, we are putting out a general call for papers to the larger SIOP membership. If you are interested in submitting a Hot Topic paper, please submit a one paragraph proposal to Jolene Skinner. Describe your topic (not listed in the table below) and how it addresses an important business need. All papers must be collaborations. We highly encourage scientistpractitioner and professionalstudent partnerships. Because we hope to continue to build our Hot Topic paper library, this is an ongoing open call for papers.

The following white papers are available or in progress (please do not suggest a topic that is covered by the list below).

*High potential: Identification, development, and retention.

*Learning agility: Its use as a measure to identify high potentials.

Executive leadership team: Cohesiveness and effectiveness.

Coaching: Across all organization levels.

Self-awareness: Importance to effective leadership.

Work–life balance: What it is and why it matters for both individual and organizations.

Overcoming communication challenges in organizations: A look at solutions to common challenges to effective communication in organizations.

Effectiveness of wellness programs: What incentivizes employees and makes wellness programs successful.

*Leadership development: Leadership programs/interventions that are most successful and effective.

Retention: Research related to creating and maintaining a retention culture; what leads to reduced turnover.

*Communications in virtual teams: How to be effective when working in dispersed locations.

Performance management: What really makes a successful performance management system.

Employee engagement: What makes an engaged/disengaged employee.

For more details on our Hot Topic Papers and process, check out our SIOP webpage. We look forward to reading your proposals!

*Posted on the SIOP website.