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Submit to the APA Convention!



Call for Proposals Now Open, Deadline December 2

SIOP’s APA Convention Program Committee is excited to announce that the convention’s Call for Proposals is currently open with the deadline for submissions in about a month’s time.

Information about the Call for Proposals can be found on the APA website here.

The Convention will be held August 7-10, 2014 in Washington D.C. We recognize that conference budgets are limited, and attendance at the APA Convention is often prioritized below some of our other conferences like SIOP and the Academy of Management. Washington D.C. should prove to be a fantastic venue to secure high-quality keynote speakers and assemble an excellent program. We are hoping it will be convenient for many SIOP members to attend as well, so our goal is to break Division 14 attendance at the Convention in ‘14!

At the recent SIOP Executive Board (EB) meeting, the EB members discussed SIOP’s ongoing involvement in the APA Convention. Our commitment to the Convention was confirmed as an important way that we build connections with and learn from psychologists with other specializations as well as highlight I-O psychology’s unique perspective on the application of psychology to people in the workplace.

Given the D.C. location for the upcoming convention, the EB members suggested that the convention would be a great time to highlight the research and practice that SIOP members are engaged in related to the following three areas:

  • The Federal Workforce: What is the federal government doing with its own workforce?
  • Economic Recovery: How does I-O science and research impact the broader contexts of the workplace, including private sector businesses?
  • High-Risk and Extreme Environments: How does I-O research influence high-risk workplaces and extreme environments, such as NASA and military operations teams?

If your work aligns with these topics, we would especially like to see you on the program, either via an invited session (get in touch!) or through the open call process. Of course, high-quality submissions on any I-O psychology topic are welcome. We look forward to having you be a part of Division 14 programming at the 2014 APA Convention!   

If you have any questions about the APA Convention or have ideas for Division 14 invited sessions, please send these to Autumn Krauss, Division 14 APA Convention Program Chair at autumn.krauss@sentis.net.