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LEC Boasts Second-Highest Attendance Ever!


by Stephany Schings Below, Communications Manager

Omni Richmond9th Annual Leading Edge Consortium Includes Impressive Speakers and New Events

By Stephany Schings Below, Communications Manager

The 2013 Leading Edge Consortium (LEC), “Building Future Leaders: Innovations and Trends in Talent Management,” brought out some of the best and brightest in the field of talent management October 18 and 19 at the Omni Richmond. The impressive speakers presented to a packed house of 219 registrants—the second-highest attendance in LEC history!

View more photos of the 2013 LEC on SIOP’s Facebook page!

Chaired by Jeff McHenry, with an Organizing Committee made up of Erica Desrosiers, Michelle Donovan, David Oliver, Robert Schmieder, Christopher Rotolo, and Suzanne Tsacoumis, the 2013 LEC was a weekend full of excellent speakers, informative presentations, and numerous opportunities to participate in the discussion of developing the talent that will lead organizations into the future.

Attendees heard from 28 speakers on topics including: Using Talent Pools to Enhance Succession Planning, Making Leadership Development Really Matter, Leadership Development: A CHRO View, and Assessments for Development: Trends, Learnings, and Applications. They also heard from speakers in a Leadership Development portion of the program on topics of Formal Development, Learning Through Job Experience, and Learning Through Others.

The LEC kicked off with an opening keynote address titled “Making Leadership Development Really Matter” by Moheet Nagrath, Leadership Strategist at Leadership Architecture Worldwide and former Chief Human Resources Officer, Procter & Gamble. Nagrath discussed the business case for investing in leadership development, including the relationship between talent strategy and business strategy.

Leadership development is not a feel good activity,” he explained. “It's a business imperative.”

During lunch Friday, SIOP Foundation President Milt Hakel led a special HRM Impact Awards ceremony. Read more about it here. Also on Friday, attendees were treated to four special Lightning Rounds. These unique sessions provide an opportunity for 3 to 4 presenters to spend 5 minutes each sharing an innovative, leading edge practice. The goal of Lightning Rounds is to increase the number of creative ideas that get presented during the conference. If attendees were interested in these ideas they could then seek out Lightning Round presenters to get more information during breaks and social events during the consortium. Lightning Rounds were presented on Creative Practices in Assessment, Formal Leadership Development, Learning Through Job Experience , and Learning From Others.

At the end of Friday, before breaking into small groups to enjoy the popular “Networking Dinners” at a choice of seven Richmond restaurants Friday night, attendees also enjoyed a lively reception in the Magnolia Room of the hotel. There speakers and attendees mingled and continued conversations from the day’s events. For the networking dinners, attendees made a short walk to several unique area restaurants to discuss the day’s events with old and new friends while they got a taste of Richmond’s finest cuisine.

On Saturday, attendees participated in a large group networking activity to promote sharing of best practices and building connections. Attendees had the chance to write an area they wished to discuss with others on one of several large notepads in the session room. They then presented their topics to the entire room before everyone split into smaller groups around the topics. Attendees then had time to spend interacting in their specific groups, sharing their ideas and personal experiences.

Attendees also heard “Deriving Insight from Data” by closing keynote speaker Brian Welle, Director of People Analytics at Google. Welle discussed how the world of I-O psychology is expanding—including scope, data, and most importantly, organizations’ appetite to use science to make decisions. In this presentation, he described the journey of Google’s People Analytics team, and the variety of research methods and data—big and small—that enrich Googlers’ lives.

Michelle Donovan, also of Google, summed up Google’s talent philosophy earlier in the day, saying when searching for leaders they try to “find them, grow them, keep them."

Other presentations Saturday included a panel titled “Building Talent Mindset,” presentations on “Leadership at the Top of the Organization” and a final panel titled “Leadership 2020,” where attendees and presenters answered the questions, “What will be the hot talent and leadership topics we’re discussing in 2020?” “What leadership issues that we are paying little or no attention to today will loom large in our work in 2020?”

After thanking the LEC chair and co-chairs and presenting them with tokens of appreciation, SIOP President Tammy Allen announced the information for next year’s event.

The 2014 Leading Edge Consortium will be held in Chicago next October.
The theme of that event will be be Identifying, Developing and Promoting
High Potentials and High-value Employees Wherever They are Found

We hope to see you next year in Chicago!