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We Need Your Help!



SIOP Committee Seeking Input for First Annual Top 10 Trends for 2014

The SIOP Visibility Committee would like to introduce a “Top 10” list that we can publish at the end of 2013 highlighting the I-O-related workplace trends we are expecting to see in the upcoming year. This should be a fun way to increase the visibility of our profession across a wide variety of audiences.

What are the I-O trends that you anticipate seeing more of in 2014? What is the next big “thing” that organizations are likely to implement or explore? How can I-O psychologists play a role?

Let us know! Send an email to libertymunson@live.com describing the trend and how I-O can and should play a role in it.

Once we’ve gathered your ideas, we’ll send the membership a brief survey to help us rank the top 10. Time is short if we want to have this list available by the end of this year.

Please let us know your trend ideas by November 1!

Liberty Munson
Media Subcommittee
SIOP Visibility Committee