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Expand the Fellowship



SIOP Fellow Nominations Deadline Approaching!

SIOP is now accepting nominations for Fellow status. Please start a nomination for a deserving colleague today! The deadline for nomination of SIOP Fellows is November 1, 2013.

To begin your nomination, click here!

The Fellowship Committee, chaired by Jerry Hedge (also including Michael Coovert, Miriam Erez, Art Gutman, Rick Jacobs, Amy Kristof-Brown, Paul Levy, Mark Schmit, and Scott Tannenbaum), reviews all candidates and makes its recommendations to the SIOP Executive Board. New Fellows will be announced at the 2014 SIOP Annual Conference in Hawaii.
Nominees for Fellow status must:

  • Be SIOP Members or International Affiliates for no less than 2 years at the time of election
  • Have earned a doctorate from an accredited institution, preferably 10 years ago or more.
  • Have made unusual and outstanding contributions to I-O psychology.

Fellow status is an honor bestowed upon SIOP Members and International Affiliates who have shown evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in I-O psychology.
SIOP Fellows can come from all I-O areas and from all employment settings. SIOP recognizes several bases for Fellowship:

  • Research— typically supported by widely read, refereed publications that have defined new areas of research and theory or have significantly shaped the research and knowledge base in an area; although numbers of citations is important, there must be some explanation of how the publications have impacted thinking or practice in I-O psychology.
  • Teaching—nominations will likely focus on such indicators as numbers of graduate students and their prominence, development of widely used teaching materials or textbooks, development of innovative teaching methods, or administrative positions in education that have provided widespread opportunities for advancing I-O psychology through education and educational activities.
  • Administration—nominations that take administration and/or management as their primary impact will demonstrate that the nominee has held significant administrative positions in national organizations that have importantly impacted the field of I-O psychology; these may include organizations that specifically provide I-O-related products to their clients on a national or international level; they may employ/and or educate large numbers of I-O psychologists; these contributions must detail what the impact has been.
  • Professional Service—may use impact evidence such as offices held in SIOP and APA and other organizations that share our mission and values, by writings and programs or workshops, practices, and innovations that have helped SIOP maintain and develop a collegial, inclusive community with high levels of member involvement.
  • Practice—more likely to include applications of I-O psychology and innovations, methods, or best practices that have influenced large numbers of other I-O practitioners or organizations and the people in them; they reflect SIOP’s Value of Service, Excellence, and Integrity in improving organization effectiveness and the well-being of individuals in work settings.

The common criterion in every case is demonstrated outstanding contribution. Fellowship is recognition by one’s peers of that contribution. Fellow nominees must be endorsed by at least three SIOP Fellows. Members do not nominate themselves; they must be nominated by another SIOP Member or Fellow who coordinates the submission of the required nomination materials on the Fellow Status Online Nomination Tool.

Detailed procedures for nominating SIOP Fellows, as well as criteria for and a history of SIOP fellowship, are available on the SIOP website. For additional information or clarification, contact Fellowship Chair Jerry Hedge at jhedge@rti.org.