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Want Your Name in Print?



Opportunities for SIOP Members to Increase Visibility of I-O Psychology

Periodically, the SIOP Administrative Office is contacted by various online and print publications, such as magazines, newspapers, newsletters and trade journals, and asked if we have members willing to write about specific subjects. We are looking for members who would be interested in writing articles for these publications.

This work is being spearheaded by SIOP’s Visibility Committee in close conjunction with the SIOP Administrative Office. We are hoping that making these connections easy for our members will increase the public’s awareness of the field of I-O psychology and the value that we bring to employees and organizations.

Please let us know if you would like to write an occasional article for a publication. Send your contact information as well as the subject matter you would like to write about to Clif Boutelle at boutelle@siop.org. We will then try to match your expertise with a publication’s editorial needs when we receive these requests. In addition, we will also be proactive in seeking opportunities for SIOP members to author articles in these publications.