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Who Will Lead SIOP?



Nominations for Executive Board Members Close September 30!

It’s time to take the first step in choosing who will lead SIOP into the future. Nominations for elected positions on the Executive Board close September 30. This is an important part of ensuring strong leadership for the future of SIOP, so please take time to nominate a qualified candidate today!

We are seeking nominations for the following Executive Board positions:

  • President-Elect
  • Communications Officer—has oversight responsibility for TIP and Electronic Communications Committee.
  • Conferences and Programs Officer—has oversight responsibility for Program-APA, Program-APS, Leading Edge Consortium, Program—SIOP, SIOP Conference, and Workshops Committees.
  • Research and Science Officer—has oversight responsibility for Institutional Research and Scientific Affairs Committees.

All terms of office are 3 years. All nominees must be members in good standing (current dues paid). The deadline for nominations is midnight EDT on September 30.

To submit a nomination, click here!

If you can't remember your username and password, go to the nominations site and request that they be e-mailed to you or call the SIOP Administrative Office at (419) 353-0032.

Elections Committee Policy on Nominations:

Those with the top number of nominations will be on the ballot. In the case of ties, the Elections Committee will chose among the tied candidates randomly. In each case, the top nominees must receive at least two nominations to be considered to fill the targeted number of slots. If there are not a sufficient number of nominees to be considered to fill the targeted slots, the ballot may be finalized with the available number of nominees as long as this number exceeds the minimum number of candidates required per the bylaws. If the required number of ballot slots is not filled, then candidates receiving only single nominations may be considered (using a random process to choose among them) until the required minimum is met.

For more information regarding SIOP election procedures, click here.