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Coaching Senior Level Women



LEC Speaker Anna Marie Valerio Discusses Women Leaders on SIOP Exchange

Women’s leadership is more important than ever in light of the globalization of the world’s economy and resources.

Developing women leaders has become a priority as organizations understand the tremendous influence and impact of the contributions of women leaders on the success of the organization, according to Anna Marie Valerio, President of Executive Leadership Strategies, LLC and speaker at this year’s SIOP Leading Edge Consortium (LEC), "Building Future Leaders: Innovations and Trends in Talent Management, October 18-19, 2013 at the Omni Richmond in Richmond, VA.

Recent evidence shows the positive impact of gender diversity of corporate boards, such as:

  • higher rates of return
  • more effective risk management
  • better organizational performance

In her special guest post on the SIOP Exchange, Valerio discusses her presentation topic for the upcoming LEC and poses several questions to readers as well as invites their questions of her.

“I will propose ideas about how executive coaching supports the leadership development needs of senior women leaders and outline the most important leadership development methodologies for organizations to implement to place women in key leadership roles,” Valerio explains.

She invites readers to share their thoughts on several questions related to developing and coaching women leaders, such as:

  • Why aren’t there more women leaders in senior management in organizations?
  • What facts are important to know about the impact of gender diversity on corporations?
  • What is important for both men and women to know about women’s leadership?
  • What are the gender stereotypes and biases requiring greater awareness by both men and women?
  • What do the research findings show about women’s leadership strengths? About their “areas of challenge”?
  • What are the “invisible barriers” that may affect women’s career trajectories?

Read the rest of Anna Marie Valerio’s guest post on the SIOP Exchange here and leave your questions or comments for her to answer!

If you would like to learn more about talent management, including Dr. Valerio’s presentation and several more from an exceptional line-up of speakers (read an agenda and speaker list here!), register to attend SIOP’s upcoming Leading Edge Consortium, “Building Future Leaders: Innovations and Trends in Talent Management.”