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No Tolerance for Intolerance



SIOP Blogger Maria Collar Discusses Workplace Harassment and Why Some Victims Stay Silent

Statistics consistently show that workplace harassment still has the ability to shock. It is no wonder that only a small number of those impacted by abusive behavior ever make a formal complaint, explains SIOP Blogger Maria Collar.

In her most recent post on the SIOP exchange, Collar discusses some of the reasons harassment victims may stay quiet about their abuse as well as provides tips for organizations looking to identify and prevent workplace harassment.

“A number of things often combine to keep lips sealed: guilt, shame, embarrassment, upbringing, past experiences, fear of being labeled, sensitivity of the topic, or unresolved past issues,” she explains in her post. “And of course, others keep silent because they distrust the procedures for handling complaints. Some even say that it is demeaning to have to turn to your supervisor for personal protection at work.”

Collar goes on to provide tips to determine what is and is not harassment and offers five practical ideas for improving an organization’s harassment policy.

Continue reading Collar’s post on the SIOP Exchange, and join the conversation by leaving your comments!