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Those End of Summer Blues



SIOP Blogger Peter Yu Discusses the Process of Jumping Back into Work as Summer Ends

The most recent post on the SIOP exchange, by SIOP Blogger Peter Yu, explores the practical considerations I-Os—academics, students, and practitioners—must face as summer winds to an end.

“Looking back, it’s hard to not wonder about the opportunities we’ve missed during this short respite from the academic year (or Qs 1, 3, and 4 for you applied folk),” he says in his post. “Summer is ideally a time to break away from our work and focus on play, sprinkled with promises to ourselves that we’ll start revising those drafts, coding those data, and getting back to those e-mails the next chance we get. Unfortunately for me, and I’m sure many others, many of those things haven’t gotten done just quite yet.”

He goes on to encourage members to jump back into any unfinished projects that might have been waiting for them over the summer—especially those SIOP submissions!

Continue reading Peter’s post on the SIOP Exchange and join the conversation by leaving your comments.