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Will You Review?



SIOP Seeks Reviewers for 2014 Conference Submissions

We need your help to ensure a successful 2014 SIOP Annual Conference in Honolulu. If you have either volunteered to review in past years (if so, we have greatly appreciated your help!), or if you will be joining our team of volunteer reviewers for the first time (if so, welcome!), please consider serving the Society by signing up to review for next year’s conference.

A high-quality SIOP program would simply not be possible without the efforts of so many who offer their valuable time to review submissions. We need your help to make the process both constructive for submitters and manageable for those who volunteer to review.

All current SIOP Fellows, Members, Associates, International Affiliates, and retired members are eligible to serve as reviewers. If you are a Student Affiliate, you are also eligible if you have defended your dissertation proposal and have presented as a first author at a prior SIOP conference.

Recognition for reviewers

Besides our sincere gratitude and the intrinsic reward from serving your profession in such a meaningful way, your service as a reviewer will be recognized in the printed conference program, as well as on the SIOP website. You will also be recognized during the conference by a special ribbon designation that you can put on your badge.

Online reviewer registration process

To volunteer, go to the reviewer preference form on the SIOP website here.
The reviewer sign-up deadline is September 11, 2013 (5:00 pm US EDT).

How does the review process work?

The conference submission and review process is conducted entirely online. Reviewers will receive papers to review in October and will submit reviews about 3 weeks later. Reviewers are likely to receive 4 to 6 submissions for review - please note that the more reviewers who sign up, the more we can reduce each individual reviewer’s workload.

What is expected of reviewers?

Although comments to authors are extremely helpful and expected, they only are meant to serve a developmental purpose. Only the quantitative ratings are used to make acceptance decisions. Thus, a long review (such as that for a journal) is not necessary – most reviews take between 20 and 45 minutes to complete. We will ask you to indicate your content areas of expertise and will make every attempt to send you papers that fall within your areas of interest.

Please also note that we have made some changes to the submission process to reduce the amount of time needed for each review. We are also updating the reviewer guidance/advice that you will receive alongside submissions, to further facilitate the process for providing high-quality reviews.


Technical questions about the reviewer registration process should be addressed to Larry Nader in the SIOP Administrative Office at lnader@siop.org. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Evan Sinar, 2014 SIOP Program Chair, at program@siop.org.

Thank you for considering serving SIOP and our profession in this critical role!