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SIOP Research Access Proving Valuable to Subscribers



In October, 2011 SIOP Research Access was introduced, making available to members a database of hundreds of premier journals and publications, as well as audio and video files.

Since then more than 1000 subscriptions to this valuable benefit have been purchased by SIOP members and the service is being used extensively.

In May alone, subscribers conducted 5,832 searches and downloaded more than 1,000 full or PDF texts.

Tracy Kantrowitz, chair of the Professional Practices Committee, said the SRA was offered to SIOP members based upon feedback from practitioners who wanted greater access to research literature.

“Many of us lose access to research findings after graduate school, but it’s critical for staying up to date with the latest research and trade magazines and using them to further our practice. Subscribing to such databases is often cost prohibitive for individuals, but the Professional Practice Committee worked with EBSCO, the world’s foremost premium research database service, to make this benefit available to members for only $50 per year,” she said.

“I have heard many members using it to help prepare for SIOP conference proposals and presentations. Some have even commented that it’s their favorite benefit of being a SIOP member,” Kantrowitz said.

Using the SRA, SIOP members can access thousands of titles including some of the most sought after journals, such as Personnel Psychology, Journal of Business and Psychology, Academy of Management Journal, and Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Rich Cober, who was chair of the Professional Practices Committee when the SRA was launched, added the database not only provides access to scientific journals but also to publications pertaining to businesses, including the Harvard Business Review.

Cober said it was important that enough members subscribe to the database service to make it cost effective.

To meet the needs of practitioners, SIOP provided the initial financing for the project, but practitioner support through subscriptions is needed to sustain the SRA. “We are pleased with the number of subscribers, but we need additional ones to continue the level of service practitioners have asked for,” he said.

SIOP members wanting to subscribe or continue their subscription can learn more by clicking here.