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Time to Review Media Resource Listings



Reporters often turn to SIOP’s Media Resources to find sources for their stories. Also, the SIOP staff relies on Media Resources when reporters call the Administrative Office looking for experts.

Media Resources lists approximately 2,000 SIOP members in about 100 different I-O specialties.

However, over time, contact information changes and some members want to review the short description of their specialty. So, members are being urged to check their listing in Media Resources to determine if it needs updating.

Particular attention needs to be given to those member listings where there are no details describing their research interest. The details should be added, as well as current email, phone, and address.

Listing only a name in a particular category is not useful to reporters and staff looking for SIOP news sources. The detailed descriptions, about 25 words, are vital to the media actually contacting a SIOP member about a story.

“If the name is listed without the detail, those people will never be contacted by the media nor will the SIOP staff be able to refer them to a reporter,” said Clif Boutelle of SIOP’s media relations.

“We are suggesting all SIOP members review their Media Resources listing and be sure it is complete. If they do not want to include a brief detail of their expertise, they should delete their name from Media Resources,” he added.

Media Resources has been especially helpful to reporters and has led to expanded visibility for I-O and SIOP in various media outlets.

Are you interested in joining the SIOP members who are willing to speak to the media.? Sign up today! You can sign up online here, then click the Media Resources button, check your interest areas, and enter a 25-word description of your expertise. (You will need your SIOP username and password to access the system.)

Are you already a member of the Media Resources team? Be sure your profile is up to date by reviewing your information here.