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Commemorating a Half Century of TIP



Commemorating a Half Century of TIP

April 2013 TIP Final Print Issue, July TIP Unveils New Digital Edition

For decades, SIOP members have eagerly awaited the arrival of a slim paperback publication in the mail each quarter, but this month SIOP says goodbye to the traditional print version of The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP) to make room for a new and improved digital TIP!

The April issue of TIP, now published and mailed to members, is the final print edition of the iconic SIOP newsletter. One of the longest-standing member benefits, TIP has been evolving and serving SIOP members since June of 1964, when the first issue opened with then-President S. Rains Wallace’s comment in his first President’s Message that “the need for such a medium has been variously motivated and expressed.”

Wallace went on to explain the need for a publication that could keep the membership informed of the “general activities, findings, doubts and decisions” of the Society as well as “providing an opportunity for the membership to give knowledgeable instruction” to those working on behalf of SIOP.

“It is hoped,” he continued, “that the newsletter will help us preachers of communication to talk more to each other and give us more to talk about.”

And that is exactly what it did. From the 15-page, beige covered first issue, TIP has grown to become an impressive, nearly 200-page publication, a sounding board for thoughts and new ideas, and an important method of communication for the SIOP membership.

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“I think TIP is a way for members to feel a part of the community of SIOP and to feel like SIOP is accessible to them, because the articles are up-to-date, the commentaries are top-of-mind ideas,there is a lot of information about current community activities,” said Lisa Steelman, current TIP editor. “So one of the biggest purposes of TIP, in general, is to keep people informed so they feel that they are a part of this community, and I feel that digital TIP will enhance that even more.”

In July, SIOP will unveil the new digital edition, providing a final chance to use this last print issue as a special commemorative piece in honor of the beloved publication.

The April issue is filled with messages from established TIP columnists, many of them written as “looking back and looking forward” pieces for their columns, Steelman explained. The feature articles follow this theme as well, with one article focused on the future of proctored online testing and a report from the Visibility Committee on the branding survey they recently completed for the branding initiative that looks at the future of I-O and SIOP.

“So we used this last printed TIP to look back while we look forward,” she added. “We are looking back in time to the history of TIP, the history of some of the editorial columns that we have right now. We have a piece that was written to and contributed to by many of the former editors of TIP, looking back on what it took to produce it and looking forward to the future.”

Steelman said she learned a lot about TIP and SIOP as she worked on the final print issue.

“It’s a record of our news, so each TIP tells a story about the present,” she explained. “But as we looked back, it really told us a lot about the past and the evolution of the field and of SIOP as a society. So it was a lot of fun to look back and sort of look forward in the context of this new change.”

Steelman added that she was impressed with the amount of work and dedication that has gone into TIP over the years.

“I’ve read a lot of the old TIP issues over the last few months to get ready for this final print issue,” she said. “To me, it’s amazing how much care was taken in all of the previous issues, how much information was shared, and how seriously people took TIP. All of the improvements that were made over the years are incredible. Everyone was such a good shepherd of TIP, with how much care they have taken. It has certainly changed dramatically since the first edition, which was neat to see, though some things stay the same. Some of the things we are talking about now we were talking about in 1964.”

Steelman noted that while she will miss the printed edition of TIP, she is thrilled for the digital edition and thinks it will be an exciting step forward.

“I suppose it’s inevitable,” she explained. “TIP’s been around for a while, and I still have all of my old issues from when I was a graduate student. For some reason those stay with me, so there is some sentimental value, and I think a lot of us who have been around a while will feel some nostalgia for the book that we are used to getting. The size is unique, the content is unique, and I think it is a source of pride for SIOP to put out such a great product every quarter. But I think the digital edition is pretty neat because it will be full-color. We can do pictures and other types of graphic imagery throughout the whole TIP that we couldn’t do before. We can link to websites and discussion boards.”

This new technology will offer numerous benefits for members, explained SIOP Executive Director David Nershi, who spearheaded the effort along with SIOP Publications Manager Jen Baker.

“It’s more convenient for members, who will now be able to access a full-color and interactive version of TIP from their computers, tablets, and smartphones anywhere they happen to be,” Nershi explained. “Digital TIP also allows us to add links, audio, and video to stories, so members have greater access to more in-depth information in a very convenient way. Members will be able to access digital TIP anywhere as well as easily share it with others.”

Digital TIP will also offer benefits to the environment, Nershi noted.

“Of course, digital TIP is certainly greener than printed,” he explained, “Saving a great deal of paper and production energy, which is an important goal for the SIOP Administrative Office.”

Nershi also mentioned that the digital TIP allows the production schedule of the newsletter to be condensed, meaning articles are more timely (stories in the print edition are due 2 full months before the issue comes out due to the length of time it takes to layout, print, and mail the issue), as well as saves money for SIOP by eliminating the cost of printing and mailing.

Steelman will finish her term as TIP editor with the last print issue this month. Incoming editor Morrie Mullins has great expectations for digital TIP as well, including integrating social media and sharing editor’s blogs on my.SIOP.

“Morrie wants to link the articles and editorial columns to discussion boards and comment sections so people can create more of a sense of community around TIP and make SIOP more accessible to more people by having the opportunity to comment and react to various articles,” Steelman explained.

For more information about the new digital TIP, including an interview with incoming editor Morrie Mullins about his visions and goals for TIP’s future, check back to the SIOP website as we get closer to the first digital issue’s unveiling this July!