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Action Alert!




FABBS Solicits Member Societies to Respond to Possible Sequestration

The Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences is urging action to help avoid deep budget cuts to science. We received this message February 19 from FABBS:

The President just held a news conference and stated that sequestration could be avoided. We are now 10 days from the severe, automatic, across-the-board cuts to "discretionary" spending—the part of the federal budget that includes science.

FABBS has been working on this issue for over a year now. Although science advocates have been successful in getting the cuts postponed from Jan. 2 to March 1, 2013, we are not done yet!

We have a NEW Action Alert on the FABBS website. Please act now to urge your federal elected officials to support a bipartisan, balanced approach to deficit reduction that protects investments in science. It is easy, and we need every voice! Even if you have responded before, please do so again -- and then encourage your colleagues to do so.