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IOP Journal Now Accepting Commentaries




Submission Deadline March 11!

Two focal articles have recently been accepted for Volume 6, Issue 3 of SIOP’s journal, Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice. They are now available for comment on the SIOP website.

The deadline for commentary submissions is March 11, 2013.

The first focal article for this issue is by Rosemary Hays-Thomas and Marc Bendick, Jr. and is titled“Professionalizing Diversity and Inclusion Practice: Should Voluntary Standards Be the Chicken or the Egg?” Workplace diversity and inclusion (D & I) practices today are based to a great extent on unevaluated experience and intuition rather than empirical evidence. This article focuses on the question of would voluntary professional practice standards in this field help to raise the level of current and future practice? Or would they be premature? If developed under four principles the authors describe, they predict the former. However, this positive outcome will also require I-O psychologists to join their D & I colleagues in expanding research on D & I practices, strengthening the skills of D & I practitioners, assisting employers to avoid self-incrimination, and enhancing employer commitment to D & I itself. I-O psychologists should also be aware, the authors contend, of other implications of D & I practice standards for their work.

The second focal article is by Sven Kepes and Michael A. McDaniel and is titled “How Trustworthy Is the Scientific Literature in I-O Psychology?” The trustworthiness of research findings has been questioned in many domains of science. This paper calls for a review of the trustworthiness of the scientific literature in I-O psychology and a reconsideration of common practices that may harm the credibility of our literature. The authors note that most hypotheses in I-O psychology journals are confirmed. Thus, they are either approaching omniscience or the journals are publishing an unrepresentative sample of completed research. The authors view the latter explanation as more likely. They review structural problems in the publication process and in the conduct of research that is likely to promote a distortion of scientific knowledge. They then offer recommendations to make the I-O literature more accurate and trustworthy.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice takes a focal article – peer commentary – response format, and commentaries are peer-reviewed. We invite interested SIOP members to submit a commentary on either of these articles for consideration for publication. We hope to receive commentaries from a broad range of perspectives, including the science and practice communities, and U.S. and international perspectives.

The focal articles can be downloaded by clicking on the Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice link in the publications dropdown menu of the SIOP Web site, www.siop.org. The journal page also contains details on the process of preparing and submitting a commentary. Please contact Editor Kevin Murphy at krm10@me.com with any questions about the commentary process.

We look forward to your submissions!